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Recipe : Mango, Banana And Coconut Dairy-free Smoothie

Featuring our summertime jam

This dairy-free Mango, Coconut & Banana Smoothie is a new fave in our house.

Often, when we go searching online for an inspiring smoothie recipe we are looking for something smooth and creamy. Something that has a delicious balance of flavours and makes us feel a wonderful sense of fulfillment once we're done.

Only catch is though, most of those smoothies are full of dairy. So, what if you're looking for the same enjoyment, minus the lactose?

Our latest smoothie creation totally nails the brief. Smoothie, creamy, extremely fulfilling and, most importantly, dairy free.

mango, Banana & coconut smoothie

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

Good dollop of @coyo_organic

1 Tablespoon of our Summertime Jam

A handful of ice cubes

Topped up with Almond Milk

Blitzed in the @nutribulletaus

Served with coconut on the rim & Summertime Jam drizzled down the glass.


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