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Recipe : Hickory Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs

Featuring our hickory smoked bbq sauce

These mouth-watering smokey pork ribs were created by our resident culinary genius, Brand Ambassador Matt Cook.

Hey Matt, what's your favourite way to enjoy our products? Got a recipe you might like to share, perhaps?

"I love using the sauces as a shortcut to flavour town.

I was playing around with the Hickory Smoked BBQ sauce the other day. Like many, I’m a sucker for a well-prepared pork rib. But here’s the thing, I don't necessarily want to spend all day in front of the stove, making my own BBQ sauce.

So, I knocked this delicious little number up and it's one that's guaranteed to impress..."

Hickory Smoked BBQ pork ribs


Dry Rub

  • 1tbsp Paprika

  • 1tbsp Ground chilli

  • 1tbsp Garlic powder

  • 1tbsp Onion powder

  • 2tbsp Brown sugar

  • 1tbsp Salt

  • 1tbsp Pepper


  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil

  • 1kg Pork ribs – Trimmed and membrane removed (ask your butcher nicely 😉 )

  • ½ bottle of Paddington Jams & Sauces' Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce


  • Preheat the oven to 120°c

  • Combine dry rub ingredients into a bowl and mix well.

  • On a piece of foil (large enough to wrap the ribs tightly), place one rack of ribs and coat with 1tbsp of oil and then coat liberally with the dry rub on both sides. Wrap tightly in the foil and repeat with the 2nd rack.

  • Place on a baking tray and cook at 120°c for 2 ½ hours.

  • After 2 ½, increase the oven to 200°c

  • Remove the ribs and carefully unwrap them. Split the BBQ sauce between the racks using a basting brush to apply.

  • Place the uncovered ribs back into the oven for 15-20minutes until they start to brown and look delicious.

  • Remove and allow to rest for 10 minutes before diving in. Serve with more sauce for dipping.

If you'd like to discover more about Matt and how he came to represent us as a valued Brand Ambassador, have a read of this spotlight article.

Be sure to follow Matt Cook on Instagram for more of his drool-worthy kitchen creations.

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