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Recipe : Super Simple Chia Puddings

Featuring our Blackberry & Rosella Jam *(or any of our jams TBH)

Every time I make chia puddings, I always ask myself why I don’t make them more often.

They are seriously so super simple, and extremely tasty and the health vs sugar ratio is entirely up to you.

The best part is, for those busy peeps - you could actually make your chia pudding in one of our jars the night before, pop the lid on and you can enjoy your brekkie on the go on your way out the door.

Here’s the recipe for the one we’ve made in the reel but honestly, you can change it around however you like.

Berry & Granola Chia Puddings

2 tablespoons Chia Seeds

Pinch of cinnamon ground

1 tsp honey (we love local raw honey from @fergosfarm )

Dash of vanilla essence

Half fill the jar with your choice of milk

Lid on & shake.

Into a glass add a dollop of our BlackBerry & Rosella Jam (or your favourite PJ&S Jam)

Top up with chia mix

Cover & refrigerate overnight

Next day :

Add another dollop of jam on top.

Sprinkle with granola (@baskandco is always a winner)

Top with fresh berries

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