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Featuring our ROSE GIN JAM

Quite possibly the most delicious cocktail I’ve ever made. Yes, that’s a big call but when your pals are high-fiving you all round this weekend for the cocktail of their dreams, please ensure you send the love our way!!

rose gin sour recipe


- 2 Shots Gin (@malfygin is our still our # 1 Gin)

- 2 tablespoons of our Rose Gin Jam (linked)

- 1 shot lemon juice

- Egg white from 1 Egg

Shake those ingredients ‘til your guns ache so bad you’ve just gotta stop then add a handful of ice cubes. Then shake, shake, shake until you feel like your arms could quite possibly fall off altogether.

Serve into a pre-chilled short glass through a strainer. Dribble some @angostura_au over the top and finish with some delicious Maraschino Cherries.

(And then sneak away and drink one all to yourself before all of your friends catch wind of the most amazing cocktail you’ve ever made and all get in line for you to whip one up for them too!! )

My party, party Cocktail Friday earrings are @polkapolly from @thousandislandpaddington

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