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Recipe : Cinnamon Waffles

Featuring our Baby Figs Marinated In Spiced Rum

Breakfast in Bed is officially sorted.

This dish looks like so much effort but as you can see from the reel, it is ridiculously simple. It definitely gives that wow-factor for all of those luvers out there wanting to really spoil their other half.

Serve this delicious little treat up with a freshly brewed coffee and a loving smile and you will definitely be winning yourself brownie (or should we say waffle) points for the entire day.

cinnamon waffles

  • Buy a packet of pre-made waffles and toast them.

  • Dip hot toasted waffles into melted butter then into a plate of half cinnamon ground, half sugar.

  • Place onto plate, add a scoop of eitheryogurtt yoghurt or ice cream - your choice.

  • Be sure to add a generous serving of our Baby Figs Marinated in Spiced Rum and drizzle the syrup over the dish - this’ll is absolutely what’ll set your dish apart from “yet another plate of waffles” to “OMG what did you put in these waffles, they are so very delicious. I love you so much, you are the best ever simply because of how amazing these waffles are”.

  • Be sure to have plenty of your favourite luvers fresh fruit on hand.

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