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STOCKISTS SPOTLIGHT: Harpers Country, Crows Nest QLD

Pictured : Harry, Tracey, Piper & Shane Ford from Harpers Country .

We'd love to introduce you to the family café nestled in the scenic country town of Crows Nest, just 44 km northeast of Toowoomba. Tracey & Shane Ford opened the doors of the much loved, Harpers Country, in November 2021 and have proudly stocked our Jams & Sauces right from day dot.

In late 2020, they purchased the original building of the Old Crows Nest soft drink factory which was built in the 70's and spent a good part of 2021 renovating the building into what is now a lovely country-inspired café. The team comprises of the Ford Family; Shane, Tracey, and their children Harry and Piper (who often work Saturdays and some of the school holidays), Rosie, the wonderful Barista creating beautiful coffees, and Karen & Marley, both valuable assets to the cooking and day-to-day running of the café.

PJ&S took a moment to stop and chat with Tracey & Shane to find out why they decided to stock our products, and also to share a few little insights into their little gem in the country town of Crows Nest.

Why Did You Choose To Stock PJ&S Products?

I loved the story behind PJ&S, Amy came up with the idea in one of the toughest times during Covid. And she has managed to bring life into her beautiful jams & sauces and turn them into a very successful business.

We have a soft spot for Paddington, it's where Shane and I first lived and started our family. So, supporting a local Paddington business was very important to us, not to mention the fact that Amy gives amazing customer service, nothing is ever too hard for her to achieve.

What's your most popular selling PJ&S product?

We use Paddington Jams and Sauces in our daily menu items. To name a couple, we offer PJ&S jams with our freshly baked scones, which is one of our most popular menu items. The Hickory BBQ Sauce takes place on our daily sellout Brioche Bacon and Egg Burgers which is another hugely popular item. We stock most of the products on our shelves and find the jams are the most popular items, most recently the Rose Gin Jam is quite a sellout!

What makes your store so wonderful and why should people come and visit you?

What we think makes our store popular is the friendly and inviting hospitality of our staff and the atmosphere we strive to create. Some of our customers have actually said they feel so at home when sitting in the warmth of the cafe. We are pet and kid-friendly and you also have the choice of sitting inside or plenty of area outside amongst the garden in the sunshine.

"Our aim is to make the coffee consistently amazing every day and the food to be wholesome with a home-cooked hearty feel to it." - Tracey.

Harpers Country 22 Toowoomba Rd, Crows Nest QLD 4355 Mon - Fri 6:30am - 2pm Sat 7am - 12pm

Insta @harpers_country Facebook @harperscountry

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