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Espresso Martini Fail : Help!

What is the secret to getting your Espresso Martini super frothy?

What is the secret to getting your Espresso Martini’s super frothy?

I’ve tried :

🍸Extra ice cubes in the shaker

🍸Shake it so hard until your hands hurt

🍸Pour it into glass quickly so you don’t lose the froth

🍸Let the Espresso chill a little beforehand

Espresso Martini’s are usually the husband’s fortay and somehow he manages to get them lovely & frothy every.single.time *sigh*.

Oooh, hang on a minute, now here’s a thought, maybe my inability to whip up a decent espresso martini could work in my favour… perhaps I should *relegate* myself to just providing the ingredients & making myself available for taste testing and then complement the husband on how wonderful they taste? 😏

Either way, the ingredients are on point. I had grand plans of showcasing our The Ekka award winning Chocolate Fudge Sauce in this Espresso Martini but it’s unfortunately been overshadowed by my inability to get frothy. Here’s the recipe I tried :


2 Shots of Vodka

1 Shot of Kahlua

1 Shot of Espresso

1 tsp Chocolate Fudge Sauce

Queue : all of those cocktail aficionados who will scrutinise me in all the areas I went wrong. #bekind

Meanwhile, it’s Cocktail Friday and that unfrothy Martini still managed to take the edge off 😉

#happyfriyay #cocktail #espressomartini #cocktailclass #cocktailclasses #cocktailfail #cocktailfriday

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