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'Internet-Trained Rookie' Takes Home Blue Ribbon At Ekka.

Amy Simpson of Paddington Jams & Sauces is awarded a Blue Ribbon and Highly Commended in the hotly contested Ekka Royal Queensland Show 2022.

After a two-year hiatus from the EKKA Royal Queensland Show, the Cookery Competition has returned in fine form. But it's one new rookie who entered her creations into the competition that has caused quite the stir.

"I read an article in the Courier Mail recently that really amused me. It was quoting the judges as saying that a lot of "Internet-trained cooks have flooded the entries of this year’s Ekka cookery competition." They then went on to reveal how they were finding quite a "few flaws" in the submissions from these rookie entrants, or more affectionately referred to as "Noobs" Amy reveals.

"So, it really brings a smile to my face to announce that this Internet-trained Noob not only pocketed herself a Highly Commended for her Caramelised Onion Jam, but I also managed to snag myself a shiny blue ribbon. That's right, I guess all of those late nights I spent researching on the internet has paid off and my Chocolate Fudge Sauce won FIRST PRIZE in the Sweet Sauce Section."

It's safe to say, that Amy most certainly is one of these Internet-trained noobs that the industry is referring to, having never made jam in her life before giving it a red hot go in 2020.

"I was made redundant from my new full-time role as a Business Development Manager at Spicers Retreats after just a few short weeks in the job, all thanks to Covid19. I was absolutely gutted to have lost my dream job. So, after a few meltdowns and quite a bit of soul searching, I decided to peel myself up off of the ground and teach myself a new hobby."

And like most of us in this tech-savvy age, by 'teach herself' Amy of course means, she jumped onto the internet for inspiration & instructions.

It all comes not too long after Amy cleaned up at this year's Brookfield Show Cookery Competition, taking home the top gong of Champion Preserves Cook.

"So yeah, I am an Internet-trained rookie, but if it wasn't for the internet helping me learn my new skills, I wouldn't have started my successful business of Paddington Jams & Sauces. And what's more, I am now an Award Winning Internet-Training Rookie.

And proud of it."

For an interview with Amy contact or call 0402 669 664.

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