from isolation to jam creation

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Meet AMY

I’m Amy Simpson and together with amazing support from my family and friends, I created Paddington Jams and Sauces.

It all started during the Covid-19 pandemic when Brisbane was placed into isolation for 6 weeks. In a bid to maintain some sort of sanity (and as a much needed distraction from the cabin fevered kids), I found myself keeping busy in the kitchen, whipping up my very own jams & sauce flavour creations.

I then caught wind of how the Brisbane City Council were waiving the fee for food licence applications in support of local, small businesses. From there everything just seemed to fall into place perfectly. I lodged all of the relevant applications, created this website and cooked a whole ‘lotta produce.

I think what sets my business apart from other jam producing companies is not just because of our lovingly prepared, wholesome flavours but also that they are available as beautifully presented personalised gift packs to give to someone special. 


I feel so humbled and amazed by how wonderfully supportive our community has been. 2020 proved to be such a uncertain year for many of us and I think it’s really touching when you see a community band together as much as we have. I believe my little business has the potential to grow into something wonderful and I am thankful for the exciting journey it has been so far.